Monday, June 10, 2013

The Life of Bon: 14 Cures for Writer's Block

I still have a couple of seats left for our blogging/writing roundtable on Wednesday. ?It's the roundtable to beat all roundtables! ?Email me at if you want in. ?It will be held at a public place in Orem. ?I am beyond excited.

Speaking of writing. ?Tonight I had writer's block.

I knew I should write because I always write on Sunday nights.

But even more than that I knew I needed to write for me. ?To clear my head, to let thoughts rest, to make sense of the whirlwind that is my constant brain. ?Writing gives me purpose and fulfillment. ?It is a need that is real and pressing for me. ?It never goes away. ?It is by writing that I make sense of my life and my experiences. ?Often times I won't even know how I felt about something until I have written it. ?"Ah... so that's how I felt when that happened..." ?I'll realize...

And yet, tonight I had not one idea of what to write about. ?Just a need.

So then here's the question. ?What do you do when you need to write, and you know you need to write, but you have no idea what to write about? ?No ideas, no thoughts, just that pressing need?

I ain't no professional, so I get stuck a lot. ?But I also get unstuck a lot. ?So here's some ideas that have helped me when my fingers beg to write, but my brain comes up with nothing.


1. ?Look at old pictures.
2. ?Read other blogs (Interestingly enough I find reading old blog posts of mine doesn't help with this- I ? ?almost get overwhelmed like "Freak! ?I already wrote everything there is to write!" ?Others' blogs does miracles for me.)
3. ?Take the dog for a walk- get outside!
4. ?Go somewhere public and people watch. ?The mall is always a great target. ?In the summer, the water park or pool works absolute magic.
5. ?Read about current hot topics- something from Time magazine (which lead me to write this post on breast feeding) or Huffington post.
6. ?Take a bubble bath.
7. ?Carry a notebook with me as I run errands for a couple of hours, and write down thoughts or ideas as they come to me.
8. ?Go to the gym or play tennis. (Interestingly enough when I'm engaged in physical activity is when I have lots of my inspiration.)
9. ?Get out of the house. ?I go somewhere- anywhere- and my mind starts to turn ideas like crazy.
10. ?Write everything that comes to your mind the moment it comes to your mind (As seen here and here.) ?It ain't no beautiful writing, but many times an idea will emerge.
11. Google "Cure writer's block." ?Kidding. ?Kind of.
12. Call and talk to a friend that you haven't talked to for a long time.
13. Write consistently. ?The less you write the less material you feel like you have to write about, interestingly enough. ?By writing consistently (for me, I write five times a week) we keep the gears and ideas turning in our heads. ?(I once talked to a friend who hadn't blogged for six months because she said she had nothing going on in her life. ?Not one thing in six months? ?It's just because she wasn't practicing writing, but certainly there was something worthy or writing.)
14. Write somewhere totally different for a day- a new coffee shop, a park, a library...

That's all I got people. ?You got some ideas to add to the pot? ?List them in the comments and my favorites will be posted with a link to your blog on Wednesday.

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