Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 3 Vacation Golf Clubs to Choose From

Top 3 Vacation Golf Clubs to Choose From

Have you been an avid fan of golfing for some time now? If you are, then you may also be planning to spend this type of holiday in another place. When this is the case, then you might be interested to know more about the top golf clubs to choose from.
# 1 - Oceanico Victoria Golf Course
This golf club plays home to the Portugal Masters, a golf event that you shouldn't miss out on when you plan to go to Portugal. Located in Vilamoura, this place has been maintained to its best condition. As proof to that, you will feel as if the greens are inviting you to try this sports activity.
# 2 - Four Seasons Golf Club
Located in Anahita, Mauritius, this is a golf club preferred not only by professional golfers but by amateurs as well. This one is designed by Ernie Els and is a fusion of what you can enjoy on the ocean side and the forest.?
# 3 - Basel Golf Course
This one can be found in Alsace, France. The golf club is a mix of parkland and a few slopes that you can climb. Spanning around 6,260 metres, Basel was designed by Bernhard von Limburger.
These are just three golf clubs you can choose from when you want to go out and experience the golfing holidays. There are certainly other options available in various parts of the globe. Search for one that suits your taste and budget.


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