Monday, January 21, 2013

What happened to Atari? They didn't think outside the game console ...

I really liked Pong World. The problem was that it was still Pong, a game that is fun for a few minutes, but then you move on from it. The awesome graphics weren?t enough to keep me interested, and I obviously wasn?t going to pour any of my money into it. There are better games to waste a dollar on.

The biggest problem with Atari trying to get into the mobile space is that they don?t get it. People are willing to pay for a good pack of retro games, but when it gets to the $10 range that they were charging, they might as well get an emulator and download it off the internet for free. And emulating has become more acceptable than ever, with games becoming so much more easier to obtain than they were 10 years ago. SEGA has of course brought some of their classics to the iPhone, at around $5 a piece in the beginning, but you know, playing Sonic the Hedgehog can take you a little while depending on how good you are, and the graphics and music are better than anything Atari has put out there.

SEGA also got a lot of developers behind them to make new titles and rekindle old favorites, and if they hadn?t done so, they probably would be in the same situation as Atari (although not as bad considering they have a huge portfolio that can still be highly profitable). Super Monkey Ball, the highly successful Sonic 4 episodes and port of Sonic CD, the recent Jet Set Radio re-release, are just some of the great things that SEGA has done in the last few years.

You?d think with as much rights to stuff they do have, that they would do something special with them, just like SEGA and Namco Bandai have done. But no, Atari hasn?t got with the times, and like Kodak, Polaroid, and a few others I can?t remember at the moment, they?re going to fade away in the next couple of years.


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